Good food does not necessarily come with a hefty price tag, and this is precisely why Aston Soon always had a vision to bring quality and value-for-money Western fare to the masses. Fueled by a modest dream and the encouragement given to him from his family and friends, he bid farewell to his job as a restaurant chef and ventured out on his own in 2005. ASTONS Specialities started out as a humble steakhouse in a coffee shop along East Coast Road and it did not take long for the restaurant to make its way into customers’ hearts (also owing to a fair share of media interest), thanks to its heartwarming wholesome meals and affordable prices.

Taking customers’ feedback into consideration, ASTONS Specialites shifted a few doors down into its own shop front so that customers could dine in a more spacious and cozier environment. It was the sincere dedication towards good food, treating customers and staff like family and the genuine consideration of their needs and feedback that propelled the brand towards success over the years. Fast forward to more than a decade later, the ASTONS group has established itself as a household name synonymous with quality and affordability. It is also the trust that the group has earned as a homegrown brand dedicated to serving customers the very best – delicious and hand-prepared fare that makes them feel at home, accompanied by an experience they will remember for time to come, that drive ASTONS group to become one of the leading food service companies in Singapore.