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ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ is a steakhouse known for offering "Quality and Value for Money" by ASTON FOOD & BEVERAGE SPECIALITIES PTE LTD. We cater to diners who are looking for a wide variety of quality Western food at affordable prices. Our winning formula is essentially a no-frills concept accompanied by friendly service in a homely and casual dining environment.

If you are as serious about steakhouse franchise opportunities as we are, you will be interested in the investment requirements. Based on our years of experience and deep industry expertise, we estimate the following to be the investment involved in getting your ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ restaurant franchise up and running.

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Our Franchise Partners

ASTONS Specialities Yangon

HAGL Myanmar Plaza
Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 960 949 499

Junction City
Corner of Bogyoke Aung San Road & Shwedagon Pagoda Road
Pabedan Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 970 349 499

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ASTONS Specialities Johor Bahru

Paradigm Mall
Level 3 Lot F-26
Jalan Bertingkat Skudai
Taman Bukit Mewah
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 7 234 2950

Johor Bahru City Square
Level 5, Lot J5-13/14
Jalan Wong Ah Fook
Bandar Johor Bahru
80000 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to acquire an ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ Franchise?
The franchise fee is S$50,000 per restaurant. An Area Franchise Agreement (AFA) involves at least five restaurants. For this initial investment, you will receive your initial training, support, development assistance and operating manuals necessary to start up the restaurant. Your total investment will vary from project to project, but an estimated range is from S$1,500,000 to S$2,000,000. The following are key factors that will determine the actual amount: a conversion of an existing restaurant versus building from the ground up; the cost of development and construction in your particular market; the local and general economy; and the efficiency of your project manager.

What is the ongoing royalty fee?
The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. This fee secures your use of the ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ brand name and operating system, and provides you with ongoing support, training, research and development by ASTON FOOD & BEVERAGE SPECIALITIES PTE LTD.

How long is the franchise agreement term?
The franchise agreement is a 10-year term with renewal options.

What is the average return on investment?
Your return will be dependent on a number of factors: your skill and abilities, your competition, interest rates, the economy, inflation, labour and supply costs, lease terms and the marketplace in general.

What type of support will be provided?
As you delve in the franchise process, we can share with you average figures based on the performance of our corporate restaurants.

Our franchise organisation is designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to make your restaurant the first choice for people who love steak. The support begins even before you open your restaurant: a development team will help you create the ASTONS™ environment, and a training team will train your management and staff on how to provide your guests with the ASTONS™ experience.

Once your restaurant is ready for business, follow-up support will be provided to ensure that the ASTONS™ systems and specifications are in place. Ongoing support will also be provided with respect to accounting, marketing, menu development and human resources.

Is previous restaurant experience required?
No. However, any experience you have gained in the food service industry always helps. More than anything else, your sound business sense and compatibility with the high standards for the ASTONS™ brand are what will make you an ideal candidate. If you don't have full-service restaurant experience, we insist that you employ a day-to-day operator, ideally with quick service experience.

How do I get started?
Thank you for your interest in the ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ Franchise. Please email us at [email protected] for a copy of the Franchise Enquiry and Registration Form for you to complete.

We will conduct either a telephone interview or meet you personally in an attempt to discover first, if this is something you are able to do and second, if we feel that you will make a successful area, master or unit franchise owner. If we find that you are suitably qualified for this franchise business endeavour, we will inform you accordingly.

If you have the necessary resources, and the determination and passion to own and operate a successful steakhouse - just follow the NEXT STEPS

At this moment in time, you should complete the registration process by depositing a non-refundable registration fee of 10% of developable units. However, this fee will be taken as part of the upfront fee should you be successful in your appointment as an ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ Franchisee, and deducted accordingly from your subsequent payment of the upfront fee.

Once the registration fee has been received, we will highlight in greater detail our franchise expansion objectives as well as the potential areas or territories where an ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ Franchise may operate. You will then be expected to look or scout for suitable sites within the specified territories and respond to us when one or more potential sites have been identified.

At this juncture, we will assist you in determining the financial viability of the ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ Franchise based on current and available data. We will evaluate and endorse the site(s) selected.

During this period, you may wish to enter into a franchise agreement with ASTON FOOD & BEVERAGE SPECIALITIES PTE LTD and pay the upfront fee accordingly. Alternatively, you may sign a Letter of Intent with us pending the signing of the Franchise Agreement at an agreed later date.

We will then proceed to the next step of providing assistance to you in the setting up of the ASTONS SPECIALITIES™ outlet. You are now well on your way to becoming another valued member of ASTONS™ Franchise Family!